My story began with what I like to call “Divine Intervention” I was lucky to start my journey into healing arts straight out of high school. I started looking for anything interesting to do in the mean time while figuring out what I truly would enjoy doing with my life. I came across massage therapy, Having always been intrigued by the human being, anatomically and psychologically with an extensive background in ballot and acrobatics, it seemed like the perfect “temporary” fit...


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When I first arrived at Oak Haven I was looking for a place of higher learning, a community of sharing, and a place where I can test my abilities as a therapist. I found all this and a place that cared about people. Clients, therapists, front staff, house keepers are all treated as important and with compassion. The owners set a high work ethic which is also passed on to management and staff...


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My career here at Oak Haven has been a wonderful journey full of growth, setbacks, empowerment, and support. Not many people are fortunate enough to be in a position where they are able to earn a living doing something they love. I happened to stumble my way into a field of work I am most passionate about...

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OHM was the first in the industry to offer advanced training for its therapists. Doc took me in under his wing and became a great mentor. I have worked as the head instructor for many years and have become a nationally certified instructor known around the state. OHM is respected in the industry so much that its competitors see the value of the continuing education programs we offer and have contracted with OHM to provide training to their therapists...


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If you are looking for a great career in the massage therapy industry, look no further!

Oak Haven Massage focuses on two things: delivering effective, therapeutic, deep tissue work by highly skilled therapists and amazing customer service. Our therapists go through intensive training (over 300 hours) to address many different types of conditions including back pain, neck pain, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hip pain, headaches and more. And when it comes to customer service we pride ourselves on an amazing front office team. Our front desk staff receive weekly massages to insure they can make informed recommendations when it comes to what you are looking for in your massage. 


If you are a therapist who is passionate about your work, and is committed to working with a first class team, we would love to hear from you. Please apply online and someone will contact you soon.