As a massage therapist for more than 18 years I can tell you Oak Haven Massage is head and shoulders above the rest. Before Oak Haven I worked in spas, did home visits and had my own chair massage business. In 2007, I interviewed with Dr. Steven Shuel and I decided to join the OHM family.

From the beginning Oak Haven Massage has been a special place. Under the leadership of Dr. Shuel, I have seen the business grow from about 20 to nearly 200 employees. Even though the business has grown the family feel remains the same.

OHM was the first in the industry to offer advanced training for its therapists. Doc took me in under his wing and became a great mentor. I have worked as the head instructor for many years and have become a nationally certified instructor known around the state. OHM is respected in the industry so much that its competitors see the value of the continuing education programs we offer and have contracted with OHM to provide training to their therapists.

Education has been paramount to OHM’s success. Along with the top-notch training for its therapists, the instructors have also been afforded opportunities to do advanced training; such as a human dissection lab and advanced stretching. Participating with the dissection lab catapulted my understanding of the soft tissue and spurred a creativity and thirst for knowledge that brought a new level of understanding to what we were teaching.

Along with the educational opportunities, OHM offers its employees medical, dental and vision benefits. Paid time off, company picnics and bonuses are also incentives. I’ve never known another massage business to offer any of those perks. Last year they even sponsored an “Elite Retreat” where the top therapists and a guest were taken on a cruise to the Caribbean. The company trip was positive in so many ways: we felt appreciated and were able bond with co-workers building relationships that go outside of OHM.

Oak Haven Massage is the best place to work and as long as a Shuel is running the place you’ll know where to find me. The training is top-notch, the perks are great, but Oak Haven is more than that…it’s a family.