Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to Oak Haven Massage.

What do you pay your therapists?

Our therapists are the best paid in the business with our top therapists making over $75,000 annually. The hourly rate is $22-$43 per hour plus tips.

Are therapists of Oak Haven employees or contractors?

All therapists are W-2 employees of Oak Haven Massage.

How much experience do I need to apply at Oak Haven?

Most of our therapists have at least five years of experience, but we are looking for therapists that are passionate about deep tissue, therapeutic bodywork. If you have the skills, experience level does not matter.

What types of benefits do you offer?

We offer our full time therapists full medical coverage (health, dental, vision, life) as well as vacation pay, uniform laundry service, free CEUs and liability insurance and license renewal fee reimbursement.

Do you have part time positions available?

Yes! We do not require a certain number of hours.

Do you require your therapist to sell memberships or products to customers?

We do not sell at Oak Haven Massage. We believe that customers should come in whenever they feel the need.  Our Therapists make recommendations to clients based on the task at hand and what they believe it will take to achieve the results our clients are looking for.