When I first arrived at Oak Haven I was looking for a place of higher learning, a community of sharing, and a place where I can test my abilities as a therapist. I found all this and a place that cared about people. Clients, therapists, front staff, house keepers are all treated as important and with compassion. The owners set a high work ethic which is also passed on to management and staff. In my time at Oak Haven I have learned techniques and protocols which have made me more efficient and effective. Tools, like forearms and elbows, that help me apply pressure and maintain my energy all day and all week. The body awareness that helps me move around the table with ease and allows me to go deeper with less effort. How to better communicate with clients which has also helped me with friends and family surrounding my personal life. With so many amazing therapists Oak Haven has created a community that shares, pushes, supports and encourages us to be World Class. I have used our lounge and classroom as a space to share philosophy, dissected failures and successes, and for receiving honest crucial feedback to improve my craft. It was and still is humbling to see and receive work from so many different and skilled therapists. Oak Haven has given me the skills needed to excel, imagine and create the perfect massage for my clients. This encouragement for mastery has translated into my personal life. I have seen my confidence shine through and into others, it has completely changed how I relate in my existence, my environment and to the people around me. Through this journey I have found balance between work, study, play, and rest. Today the question of how good am I as a therapist has been replaced with how good do I want to be? Oak Haven has created possibilities I never before contemplated.