My story began with what I like to call “Divine Intervention” I was lucky to start my journey into healing arts straight out of high school. I started looking for anything interesting to do in the mean time while figuring out what I truly would enjoy doing with my life. I came across massage therapy, Having always been intrigued by the human being, anatomically and psychologically with an extensive background in ballot and acrobatics, it seemed like the perfect “temporary” fit.  Little did I know I would fall in love with the complex and intricate inner workings of, well, us! I developed a great passion for using my hands to aid in the natural healing and restoration of the human body, mind and soul. I graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy at the age of nineteen and immediately began my career in a more clinical setting at a chiropractic office and from there I ventured in to all motions of practice including spas, hotels and chair massage. My favorite has always been the real therapeutic work. Observing real progress and real results through customized sessions. It is so rewarding meeting a person for the first time who is desperate for even a day of relief and then watching the progress from their demeanor and attitude to their posture and physique. A couple of years into the business, I had several personal encounters with opioid overdoses. These instances fueled me into the direction of anti-pharmaceutical pain relief. If there is a way to prevent unnecessary surgeries or prescription usage, I am about it. This does not have to be your way of life. About 18 months after moving to Austin from El Paso. I was urged by a colleague to apply at Oak Haven Massage since I specialized in Deep Tissue Massage. Upon my interview I learned everything this facility had to offer. A daycare with employee discounts had me sold already, Being a single mother of a young boy. Full benefits, Free In-house training and CE accredited. I was hired on and Oak Haven Massage has been my absolute favorite place to work. Our team is a family, the owners are behind us 100 percent and are always looking to improve employee and customer satisfaction. I use the daycare which allows me to work evenings as well as weekends. The real gift however, is in the classes, I have excelled in my profession beyond my own expectations. After taking Deep Tissue brush, Anatomy and my favorite, Clinical mastery classes, I went from being a good therapist to an amazing one in less than two years with still so much to learn! There is no such thing as becoming complacent here. Aside from the knowledge I’ve gained through the classes, my love and passion for massage has grown after mentoring with upper leveled therapists. Oak Haven Massage is the best decision I’ve made thus far. I am on fire to further myself with more techniques to become more universal in customizing your massage and to help you live a better life. No matter where I end up. Oak Haven Massage will always have been a monumental learning experience in my field of work.