Why Join The Oak Haven Massage Family?

Oak Haven Massage - a 2018 Top Work Place
Amazing Culture at Oak Haven Massage


We think the most important aspects about what makes Oak Haven Massage unique is our culture. We are a group of therapists who are learning and developing as body workers. We aim to create an environment of professionalism and mutual respect.



Family Atmosphere at Oak Haven Massage


Oak Haven has created a family atmosphere. We were founded and continue to be operated by a family. As such, we think of all team members as an extension of that family. And treat all members accordingly.



Flexible Working Schedules at Oak Haven Massage


We pride ourselves on allowing therapist to have a very flexible schedule. It’s easy to get time off when needed and we have both full-time and part-time schedules available.



Competitive Pay Structure at Oak Haven Massage


Our pay structure reflects our commitment to finding and keeping the most talented therapist in the industry. Our hourly pay rate is from $22-$43 per hour plus tips. It’s not unusual to have therapist earn from $45,000 to $65,000 annually.



Provided Supplies at Oak Haven Massage


All massage supplies are provided for you. In addition, you will have no janitorial duties. We have a full housekeeping and laundry staff.



Great Benefits at Oak Haven Massage


As a member of the Oak Haven Massage team you are eligible for the following benefits:
Paid Vacation

Full Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

Maternity Bonus

Paid Day Off for your Birthday

On-site childcare at greatly reduced rates (Austin Location Only)



Ongoing Training & Development at Oak Haven Massage


We teach a series of classes that are specific to Oak Haven Massage. These classes are a blend of many different styles of bodywork developed over the past 30 years by our founder Dr. Steven Shuel, a Chiropractor devoted to soft tissue therapy. We teach over 300 hours of classes each year in our on-site training classroom. Training includes extensive anatomy training, deep tissue classes and training in our specialty, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy. Advance Neuromuscular Therapy consists of four classes (each six hours) which covers the entire range of musculoskeletal issues you might find on an average work day. Our classes are also Nationally Board Certified by BCTMB.  

In addition to actual classes, we have a full program of individual mentoring available to assist and guide therapists who wish more personalized instruction. This program is designed to build your knowledge not only from a technical standpoint but also enhance your ability to communicate more effectively in order to get accurate feedback from your clients.  It has been said this program will impact your life in general. It is exciting to see therapists come out of this mentorship program with a level of confidence that is missing in this industry.

All classes and mentoring sessions are free to employees of Oak Haven Massage.

Team Building Events at Oak Haven Massage


We believe in the mantra “Work hard, play hard” so we have over 10 sponsored events each year including Karaoke, Bowling, Party Barge, Floating the River, The Escape Room, Painting with a Twist, Top Golf and much more! This is a great way to get to know your team on a personal level to help develop lifelong friendships and a great work environment. We also take our top performers on our annual Elite Retreat. Last year we took over 30 people on a cruise to Mexico!

Discover the Core Values at Oak Haven Massage


The following are our values that guide our actions and decisions. If these are important to you we invite you to join with us.

Oak Havens Core Values….. Think ELITE

Oak Haven Massage values can be easily remembered by thinking Elite. 

E - Exceed customer expectations.

We seek to give a world-class experience to our clients through our excellent customer service and the amazing technical expertise of our therapists. 

L -  Learn and grow

We value developing as people and growing as professionals in every aspect of our work.

I -  Integrity and Honesty

No business is going to have lasting success without honest and ethical business practices. The truth will eventually come out. Having integrity in our business dealings is not always the easiest and most profitable in the short run. But honesty will always win eventually. 

T - Team P

Team P stands for People who are Positive, meaning people who have a positive attitude.

E - Enjoy

Let's have fun at work. We spend one third of our life working, we believe it should be enjoyable.